What kind of sociopathic a**hole monster signs a racist, unconstitutional bill in front of a painting that celebrates America’s evil, racist, unconstitutional past?

Who else but Brian Kemp.

(*Election Stealing* Brian Kemp, for those playing Criminal GQP Home Game.)

Enshrining unconstitutional, racist, and criminal election fraud in state law is the only way Qpublicans can stay in power. Fearful of majority-minority America and inevitable criminal investigations from AG Garland, they’re using Orangina Thinskin’s attack on democracy as a ruse to reform elections (sorry I can’t even type that without cracking up) screw people-of-color and install preferred candidates.

Enshrining ‘The Big Lie’

Only way to explain GQP’s criminal powerplay is using the hashtag #BigLieLaws, because that’s exactly what’s happening. Darth Cheeto squealed about his resounding defeat at the ballot box and now his Qpublican enablers throughout Congress and, more importantly, in America’s state houses, are ERASING any semblance of democracy—particularly in states flipped by Biden.


Arizona GQP is paying Cyber Ninjas for stuff which I’m sure will work out well for them.


Don’t forget PA GQP decided to sue itself along with trump because they didn’t like election law *they created*. Oh also they’re in open warfare with absentee ballots.


Biden didn’t flip Texas but Lone Star State GQP sees writing on the wall: they can’t stay in power via better ideas so they rig the game. Texas might be a non-voting blue state but it’s also in the clutches of Petrol Mob and yes criminal MAGAs.

Called out 3 states for our purposes but fully dozens of GQP-controlled poisoned states are hysterically trying to make trump’s fantasies true. Which is why we need to get #BigLieLaws trending on Twitter. 👊🏻

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