Oh my dear CrankyYank readers—it’s been awhile. How I’ve missed y’alls! Back in the saddle after a trip to Virginia and—after tucking this story in my back pocket for a rainy day—I’m ready to set it free.

‘AFL’ logo very excellent for comedy writers

Let’s kick off with cutting analysis of ‘Murrica First logo, which looks like a lonely, diseased penis. It’s like that type of useless/limp organism akin to damp lettuce abandoned behind a restaurant dumpster. If Word ’97 clip art fornicated a strip mall.

They didn’t hire the best people for graphic design but what about all them high-power MAGAs they have on their roster?

Oh man just wait until you see the who’s who of human crap AFL have on the payroll.

Attorneys as future-prison inmates

In no particular criminal order, let’s have a look at the stars and co-stars of America’s Funniest Legal chowderheads.

Steve Miller. Stephen hates being called Steve so we’ll *of course* call him Steve or Stevie or Steve-O. Anyways Steve-a-rino was Chief Nazi for donald trump and is responsible for his most awful actions, including child separation and tons of other ugly shit. Miller’s crimes are too many to cover here but suffice to say he’s got a date with International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, to say nothing of his fondness for “alternative slate of electors” treason. He’s going to jail.

Mark “crying in men’s room stall” Meadows. What is criminal exposure, anyways? After fighting for space in donald’s colon while in congress Meadows was “elevated” to Chief of Staff where he weeped openly and freaked out his staff. Nothing wrong with men being in touch with their emotions, but a little goes a long way. More importantly: Weepy Mark was caught in Georgia trying to sabotage will of our voters here and Fani Willis will have the final word on his future. Also going to jail.

Matt Whitaker. Masculine toilets seem like 600 years ago now, but that will always be a thing for Whitaker—who still looks like John Goodman’s thumb styled by Men’s Wearhouse. Trumpkins lied under oath HUNDREDS of times in 4 years and Mattie was one of them. Not sure lying in sworn testimony matters anymore but, if it suddenly does matter again, Whitaker shouldn’t get too comfy.

AFL’s costars just as terrible

Russell Vought. Even though Russ looks like a Wawa gas attendant he’s been quite busy with the treasoning. Par for the course for donald to install folks whose primary task is to f*ck up the position they’re in, I get that; but Russ was a particularly criminal cog in the wheel. Russ held security funds for Ukraine, which will eventually be deemed criminal; and he obstructed lawful transfer of power which, ya know, seems a tad bit criminal-y. He defied congressional subpoenas, too, which was also an epidemic during trump’s years.

Gene Hamilton. Oh dear, Genie is in a bottle of trouble. Hamilton, a close ally of Stevie Miller, was instrumental in child separation and helped Keebler Nazi Jeff Sessions (who also lied under oath, btw) enact the brutal police. Underneath federal prison for Genie.

Ed Corrigan & Wesley Denton. Not gonna spill to much ink on these A-holes, only to wave in the direction of CNP & Heritage Foundation, to which they’re connected. If we’re serious about cleaning up American government, we’ll sue Heritage out of existence. Eddie & Wes are bit players but still very critical to helping Casino Mobster staff up his regime.

What dumb mobsters do is create a public-facing website to make it easier for FBI to monitor actions until the time comes for arrests and indictments. That diseased penis is just a bonus. 🐵

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