They are the bane of Rob O’Connor‘s existence.

Sometimes they’re longer than Moby Dick.

But they’re also quick-and-dirty way to explain complex issues to an engaged audience and make them fun.

I didn’t start Summer of 2021 planning to focus on Twitter threads instead of blogging, but that’s what happened. Let’s have a look, yes?

Transnational Surveillance Goon Squad

Israel’s spy industry is getting needed scrutiny after the NSO/Pegasus scandal dropped—which led me to write my related, and sometimes rollicking, thread. To my eye this sector is fully out-of-control and putting profits over human life and security. I’d ring Jamal Khashoggi for comment but he’s dead, murdered/dismembered by Saudi Arabia goons using Israeli spyware. Many other journalists and dissidents have been targeted, too; things go downhill from there. (Read the thread)

Journalism ain’t supposed to be stenography

Before you accuracy scolds get after me I know May isn’t technically summer. However, media’s colossal reporting failure should be taught in journalism schools for generations: At the time Bill Barr waddled to the podium to lie about Robert Mueller‘s investigation I was HAIR ON FIRE about news media’s uncritically printing those claims. Beltway journos tweeted declarative statements like “total vindication!” and other nonsense. So when Judge Amy Berman Jackson revealed Barr to be not AG so much as political operative scheming with accomplices to “massage” Mueller’s work, that was enough for me to kick off my (at times quite shouty) thread. Multiple journalists are guilty of declaring Casino Mobster exonerated based on a document they had not seen. (Read the thread)

Pence feared Secret Service was compromised on 6 Jan

My unpaid job on Twitter nowadays is reupping news nuggets that don’t get requisite coverage. In the pre-planned, ONGOING terrorist attack of January 6th, Mike Pence—who, by the by, always behaved like a disgraced political operative and sycophant instead of VP—rejected Secret Service protection. Why? For fear of SS agents being compromised by MAGA’s murder cult. This is a legitimate fear based on hard evidence and yet that factoid barely blipped the news cycle. (Read the thread)

I’m planning more thread-extensions and new bombshells so if I’ve convinced you, click over to Twitter and mash that follow button. 🐦

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In 2001, Will earned his Masters from The Medill School of Journalism, graduating with highest honors from the magazine sequence. As permanent member of Journalism’s National Honors Society, he’s been active in monitoring, writing and blogging about media and journalism ever since he graduated.

Obsessed with good storytelling and journalistic excellence, Will uses snark, humor and reason to distill dumb shit and make it fun. He’s a seeker/maker of non-consensus news, and helps you cure crankies by finding the nut in every story.

As for-profit media continues to fail us, it’s more important than ever to find reliable sources. Authentic storytelling exists—you just have to look for it. On this blog you’ll get ideas, not ideology. Sass with class. Reporting with rapport. Evidence with a touch of evil. You get the idea.

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