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Only “fuzzy math” that matters today is republicans as spending hawks.

They are not.

To present day, national media launders Qpubs’ reputation as “principled handlers of wallets” but in actuality they spend like drunken sailors if given even slightest bit of power.

They can’t govern. They have no interest in governing. Never did. All they want to do is make donors richer and make sure they skim off some for themselves.

To be fair some Dems are guilty of that as well.

But this post is about GOP, which, again, should be charged as racketeering-criminal enterprise. They are, once again, holding America hostage with debt ceiling if they don’t get their way. But, weirdly, they have a long track record of ballooning spending all on their own. (Data via ThoughtCo’s Tom Murse)

Sedition dragnet will end in RICO charges for TFG & GOP [UPDATED]

Ronnie Reagan

raised debt ceiling 17 times effectively tripling debt-ceiling to $2.8T

Bush I

– raised debt ceiling 4 times representing an increase of $1.345 trillion or 48 percent


– put 2 botched invasions on America’s credit card and also raised debt ceiling seven times which nearly doubled the ceiling, to $11.315 trillion. Dubya & Co. never bothered to offset Medicare Part D spending, either, which called for “spending hundreds of billions in perpetuity” as Slate’s Jonathan Cohn wrote in 2013. (Writer’s note: Lying-Liar Republicans, with lots of help from news media, rehabbed the party’s image so that they would still be seen as spending hawks.)

Casino Mobster

– The Former Guy raised debt ceiling twice but he had Steve Mnuchin and other operatives running plays behind-the-scenes so that number means nothing

TFG’s number of debt-ceiling raises are lower simply because his thieving conspirators suspended debt ceiling for TWO FULL YEARS so they could complete their drunken spending while everyone was distracted by his and fixers’ criminal behavior.

And so.

Illegally installed NYC mafia person presided* over fastest national-debt increase in history… see ThoughtCo graphic above for more.

(*Tr_mp doesn’t preside over anything because he has no core values and doesn’t read)

“McConnell and Republicans are counting on Americans not understanding what the debt ceiling is — that’s the only way this scam can work,” writes Bruce Bartlett for Washington Post (emphasis mine):

McConnell is signaling that his caucus is content to kneecap a Democratic president with the threat of letting the United States default on its credit. It’s a move from the same playbook McConnell used to try to hamstring President Barack Obama in budget talks. But it’s a riskier one now, in the post-Trump era, when some congressional Republicans, with no serious agenda of their own and motivated by residual fake 2020 outrage, might be tempted to let a default happen for what they hope is a political win

Not gonna waste rehashing history of republican nonsense but suffice to say they pretend to care about debt and deficits ONLY when out of power.

In power though? Drunken sailors on shore leave. Republicans literally hate anything that’s good for the country because, each time, beneficial public policy exposes them as frauds.

Taking victory laps on laws they railed against tells you everything you need to know. 🔴

UPDATE (28 September 2021): Moscow Mitch has the nerve.

UPDATE 2 (28 Sept 2021): Boiling this down for folks just tuning in: national-news media keeps pretending like GOP isn’t a failed criminal cult. True for debt-ceiling fight and everything else: frauds.

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