Fear of reputational harm can make folks lash out in weird ways.

When the people in question are generously compensated disinfo-cheerleaders, that fear manifests itself in frantic text messages to get fellow comrades to stand down.

Thing is, Fox so-called News ain’t journalism by any measure; FNC is part of GOP’s terror operation as I explain in my post from 2 years ago.

Fixed Noise is well-funded terrorist organization but texts prove truth is FAR worse [UPDATED]

Based on Aaron Blake’s excellent reporting we know, for example, Laura Ingraham’s nightly shitshow broadcasts bear no resemblance to the frantic “call it off!” texts she sent Mark Meadows on 6 January.

Duplicitous behavior by itself isn’t criminal, obviously, but what other damning stuff lurks in Fixed Noise’s communications with that twice-impeached one-term Russia-installed loser? We have a right to know.

Must-See Treason TV

Fixed Noise became Must-See MAGA TV during The Former Guy’s regime (and I do mean regime). But there are HUGE BUSLOADS of evidence that FNC was way more than feisty media outfit; some anchors were also kind-and-generous helpers to Trump’s Treason Machine.

I wrote a Twitter thread on Seditious Conspiracy, which outlines the statute (actually quite simple) and how it could apply to the violent, murderous, premeditated actions of 6 January.

We should be viewing Fixed Noise texts through the same lens as January 6th’s well-funded, desperate, sprawling-criminal attempt to overturn will of American voters. Faux Newz’s employees were verrrrrry invested in what was happening (just for point-of-contrast Rachel Maddow did not phone Hillary Clinton in 2016 to offer messaging strategy to avenge her “loss”).

My questions are many: How do we square these text messages with FNC’s actual coverage? What else is lurking in Fixed Noise anchors’ communications with TFG’s hench-people (intentionally gender-neutral for obvious reasons)? What did FNC producers know about anchors’ participation? Knowing what we know about Murdoch family, what role did they play, if any?

(Writer’s note: CrankyYank is a safe space for whistleblowers. if you have any inside information on Fixed Noise’s behavior please reach out)

Much of those questions could be answered by a subpoena or four. Patently absurd public statements from folk like Laura Ingraham make me wonder what else is out there.

Also, based on federal-felony statute Liz Cheney recited from the dais everything appears to be on the table.

Updates as events warrant, and trust me, there WILL be updates. 🚨


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