If MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was co-conspirator in criminal activity how do you think media would cover that?

It would lead New York Times for a f*cking month.

So here we are: Incontrovertible evidence Fixed Noise’s primetime goon was CHINS-DEEP in 6 Jan planning and “strategery.”

Loyal CrankyYank readers know where I stand: Fixed Noise—an inexplicably going concern—celebrates traitors, fictionalizes history and destabilizes America. Period. If there’s a FNC mission statement, that’s it.

‘This is hurting all of us’: #TreasonTexts pull back the curtain on Fixed Noise’s corrupt enterprise


Recent kerfuffle “Text Gate” proved Hannity wasn’t the only one getting in on the game. That is to say, many Fixed Noise A holes were chiming in as nice helpers to the fascist regime. Ingraham. Some morning-show A hole.

I want to see Rupert Murdochs comms during that period, too, because my Spidey Sense says they will contain hysterical “stand down” directives much like what we’ve seen from his anchor-goons.

My Christmas present to Twitter followers was a quiet thread with no text that revealed Hannity for what he is: cheerleader, nudnik and conspirator. If I may say, it was a prelude to current events:

Look, if it’s not me and my blog and my forthcoming podcast, please follow, subscribe, like and comment on people who have been right all along. Eric Garland. Xeni Jardin. Marcy Wheeler. Mike Signorile. Greg Olear. Dean Obeidallah. Stephanie Miller.

And yes, Rachel Maddow. 🔴

Fixed Noise is well-funded terrorist organization but texts prove truth is FAR worse [UPDATED]

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