Mike Flynn/donald trump fan-bois put down the bag of Cheetos long enough to target and banish a good man

We can’t even agree the sky is blue.

Why? Because on Earth 2, Ashley Babbitt is a hero and President Biden is a terrorist.

That’s the wretched hellscape on Twitter, a service that has inexplicably allowed January 6 Fictionalizers to lie and smear folks with impunity.


My dear friend and very talented extremism-researcher Jim Stewartson was banned, again, based on mass-reporting by Mike Flynn/donald trump fan-bois who put down the bag of Cheetos long enough to target/banish a good man.

Dude likely responsible dropped in my mentions after I defended my Twitter friends.

Tony Shaffer is still live and verified as of this writing.

Lots of Twitter-verified folks are allowed to spew nonsense and rile up violent nazis—reminiscent of radicalization allowed to fester inside secret Facebook Groups. (FB knew about it and didn’t mind either.) But this is rather unique in that Tony Shaffer is directly targeting innocent folk with hyperbole and slander in public-facing tweets.


Security algorithms and reporting filters are strange animals, to be sure. But we gotta get this right or else it’s tacit permission to plan the next terror attack. 🚨

UPDATE (6 Jan 2022 @ 4:38p): Jim is back, baby! With an assist from the good folks at Meidas Touch Jim was reinstated soon after I hit “publish.” If/when Jim gets suspended again we shall rise up for our brother who is fighting the good “Whack-a-mole” fight every fucking day.

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