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I had just put CrankyYank Vol. 60 to bed I thought, “cool, I can go do some housework.”

That lasted all of 12 minutes.

Keith Olbermann’s latest for The Resistance (No. 74) has some vital, resonant themes and quotes that I want to excerpt here. He makes a plea to all international intelligence agencies—GCHQ & MI-6 (United Kingdom), BND (Germany), DGSE (France), ASIS (Australia), among others—to release pertinent information that would help unmask and decode our ever-growing crisis of governance in America.

We, the citizens of the United States of America, are the victims of a coup. — Keith Olbermann

“To the world’s journalists, I make this plea: we, the citizens of the United States of America, are the victims of a coup,” he says. “We need your leaks, information, intelligence, recordings and videos—your conscience. The civilian government and the military are no longer in the hands of the people, nor in the control of responsible individuals on whom you can rely.”

former FBI director James Comey

Keith’s motivation for this dire warning comes after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, just as he and his bureau are in the midst of a complex investigation of Trump and his associates. Trump has further claimed that Comey assured him he wasn’t under investigation—a conversation that is, in a generous reading, totally inappropriate.


“Our State Department is in the hands of useless amateurs; our United Nations mission is bereft of power and uniformed. And the White House is run by an amoral family syndicate that slaps a dollar sign on anything that stands still long enough.

Our Democracy has all but slipped away from us; it hangs today by a thread, and those who could protect and fight for it, Republican politicians, they are almost silent. They’re owned by special interests and fall back into platitudes about the leader of the country firing the head of the FBI and precipitating a constitutional crisis.

“For months we’ve heard that your agencies have damning evidence about Donald Trump—whatever evidence you have, you cannot conceal it any longer.”

Keith continues with his history-truth bomb about how the United States has, on some of the most consequential days in world history, worked to and succeeded in maintaining global order. (He makes this claim as one of the earliest objectors to the 2003 Iraq invasion.)

“This nation has been a savior to you at some point in the past,” he adds. “And that our stability and freedom—and a government controlling this country that is at least sane—is your surest guarantee of a prosperous future. Perhaps, your surest guarantee of any future at all.

A dictator in training has betrayed our constitution. What you have, we need. And we need it now.

“Now we need your help. Whatever there is on Trump, reveal it. Issue it officially if you can, leak it to someone if you cannot. There is no time left for protocols, nor estimations of long-term impacts and tradecraft. A dictator in training has betrayed our constitution. The dictatorship he wants—that he may believe he has earned—has gone this week from crawling to taking its first few steps. What you have, we need. And we need it now.”

Keith then turns his sights on our domestic intelligence agencies, including the FBI and CIA. “Your patriotic duty is clear. In many respects, you’ve provided your greatest service in our history—[in a] democracy that has lost its political way, staggering down the street like a drunk, lurching toward the gutter. Yet you have walked virtually a bipartisan straight line, following the rules.

“The outfits around the world too secret to have their names known to us, you must become, for the moment, Americans. We need what you have and we need it now, made public. It is more than the fate of this sloppy but well meaning country that is at risk. For all of our faults, we cannot be left as a fascist rogue state and an enemy of freedom and international comity.

“Don’t merely hint, show what you know. If we go under, you are next. The freedom you save will be your own.” 🔵

Keith Olbermann is host of The Resistance for GQ. Previously he served as host of Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and the now-defunct CurrentTV. 

UPDATE: Spain has provided our FBI with wiretaps that reportedly caught Donald Trump Jr. canoodling National Rifle Association and a Russian banker at the same time. From Michael Isikoff piece at Yahoo: “An NRA lawyer, in responses to Wyden, said that Torshin has only paid his membership dues to the group and that, based on an internal review, the NRA received a total of only $2,500 from about 23 Russia-linked contributors since 2015.” Read the piece here. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that many other countries have similar dirt that has yet to come to light.

Writer’s note: If you’re an international intelligence official and would like to speak to an experienced independent journalist for a story, please use my secure contact.

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