Summary: ‘Bridging people with policymaking’ is the governing philosophy of Rep. Park Cannon—an enigmatic, impressive lawmaker with a bright future ahead

Porch gatherings and sweet tea.

Those are key ingredients to increased voter engagement across the state of Georgia and our great city of Atlanta, says Rep. Park Cannon (D-Ga) of District 58. (Full disclosure: District 58 includes my home and studio.) She says using direct-voter engagement focusing on core-democratic issues will stir up an already building national Blue Wave this November.

Rep. Cannon and I sat down for a wide-ranging discussion on sustainability, state politics, voter suppression, impeachment, corporate personhood and the chances of Stacey Abrams’ making history as the nation’s first African-American female governor (“one of the most charismatic politicians of her generation,” MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow has said about Abrams).

Yes, Park Cannon is a woman of color; the youngest lawmaker in the state; and yes she’s an out-and-proud queer woman. But she also happens to be exceptionally competent, smart and driven to bring our city and state unified around a common set of small-d democratic principles.

I’ve excerpted the highlights below, available on my SoundCloud account. I hope you’ll like, share and comment widely.

Race for Georgia governor is ‘violent’ and ‘pulling on margins’

Corporate personhood & voting rights

The stakes of electing Stacey Abrams as Georgia’s next governor

Rep. Cannon had her own private ‘Moment of Maxine’

Get involved, donate and/or volunteer for Rep. Park Cannon’s mission by going to I’ll be adding more clips to this post—including thoughts about sustainability and religious freedom—first of next week. 🔵

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