Three letters published in Sports Illustrated. Two foul balls caught at Yankee Stadium. Followed on Twitter by Rosie O’Donnell, Margaret Cho, Cory Booker & Terry McMillan. Potty-training.

I have some weird things to be proud of, sure, but when “Taint Team” came via e-mail I nearly fell out of my chair.

Some background: prosecutors, when acting in conjunction with a government search warrant, often use a taint team to try and separate out digital evidence that’s protected by attorney-client privilege “to avoid later claims that it improperly accessed such documents,” says NY Law Journal.

So when “taint team” first hit the news back in April during Mueller’s raid on Michael “Says Who?” Cohen I *instantly* jumped to Urban Dictionary to see if it had been defined. It hadn’t, so I submitted and waited.

UD must’ve been in a backlog because it took many weeks before it went live. A few days later, BOOM, there was the e-mail saying they’d selected it as word of the day.

And then today news broke that Cohen’s legal team has departed—making the chances of Cohen’s cooperation with Mueller all but certain. Which means that sound you hear is Trump and his minions pants-poooping in the white house*.

Lesson: “taint team” is nothing to be sniffed at. 🔵

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