The Big Lie and Trumpism are alive and well in Georgia.

Sure, Failed Casino Mobster trump got evicted from America’s House but GOP’s blind obedience to Trump continues. And nowhere is that more evident than Peach State, where *State Troopers* (more on that in a minute) doing Kemp’s bidding arrested our beloved Georgia state representative Park Cannon. Watch:

The trail of sick Orangina Thinskin left behind him is disgusting and long. What’s notable (fully unsurprising, mind you) is how MAGA Cancer has so totally infected state-based Qpublicans who are, even as I angrily type up this report, trying to defend the “honor” of an obvious criminal and fraud.

EXCLUSIVE: Along with Abrams, Rep. Park Cannon is working to turn Georgia blue—CrankyYank Vol. 91

Actually, Rep. Cannon foretold this exact situation in my interview with her back in 2018. “We’re seeing the most violent campaign since the confederate flag was still flying,” she told me in the run-up to Brian Kemp stealing Georgia’s governor seat from Stacey Abrams. “They’re not worried about our future generations. They’ve taken money out of education every year. They don’t have the best interests of people who they are baiting to come and vote for them.” Listen:

Georgia state troopers who arrested a *duly elected Georgia official* (some reports show they assaulted her) for simply trying to witness Kemp’s secret-signing “ceremony” are either terrible at their job protecting Georgia statehouse, compromised by aforementioned MAGA Cancer—or both.

Make no mistake: “Big Lie” MAGA cancer is particularly acute in states, weirdly, flipped by Biden. Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and wherever else Qpublicans are in control. Eyes open.

I reached out to Rep. Cannon for comment and will update here if and when I hear back. She released a statement that reads in part “Thank you for the love and support, as it’s come from all parts of Georgia, the US and the world. I’ll continue to fight for rights of Georgians far and wide, but today I ask for privacy for myself and my family as I heal from this experience, so that I may continue this fight again.” 🔴

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