If expectation is the parent of hope, setting concrete-election goals might actually change the world.

Twitter pal, former prosecutor and excellent TV pundit Glenn Kirschner floated a fire-with-fire idea to address cartoonishly unqualified judges installed by Mitch McConnell: UNPack the Courts.

Russiapublicans are governing like it’s their last moment in the sun before their party collapses

Russiapublicans are governing like this is their last moment in the sun before their party is dismantled—and we have an opportunity now to MAKE SURE America has 2 functioning political parties led by adults, not just one.

Let’s break down the banner:

Blue Tsunami 2020
This one should be obvious: we must expand our majority in the House, retake the Senate and elect a Democratic POTUS this November. Most importantly: 2020’s Blue Wave DOES NOT END WITH THIS ELECTION. We have to keep turning out even during off-year elections to sustain it, and expand. Like permanent Blue High Tide, we need Democratic-led governing coalition for a generation to undo damage done by Trump to our institutions.

The Restoration
With a hattip to Karol Cummins, The Restoration is a call-and-response to “The Resistance” movement. We’ve been showing up to protest unlawful and unjust acts like putting babies in cages; Trump administration* war on women, LGBTQ+ people and immigrants; climate denial; and so much more. Once Donald is frog-marched off White House grounds we need to heal, come together and start putting pieces back together. “The Restoration” is about returning America to how The Founders envisioned her as “e pluribus unum”, Latin for “out of many, one.” This goal sounds vague because it is: sometimes our best achievements happen out of bedrock aspirations.

Under Obama, Moscow Mitch McConnell held open federal judge positions in the off-chance he’d get a GOP president*. After Trump was installed by Russia in 2016 he’s been on a rampage sending through all sorts of unqualified—in some cases, criminal—candidates for lifetime appointments. Policy lives or dies according to how our courts rule; if they’re stacked with political operatives and not, ya know, impartial jurists, we can forget about

  • our climate emergency
  • gerrymandering
  • GOP’s rampant election fraud
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • freedom of expression
  • free and impartial press
  • any remaining global order

UNPackTheCourts is a rally cry to equalize damage done to our judiciary by our criminal president* and complicit Senate. All three AGs under Donald—Sessions, Whitaker & Barr—lied under oath, as did “Justice Kegstand-Beerparty” Brett Kavanaugh; lying to congress is a felony with a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison.

Trump Crimes Commission (and/or Truth & Reconciliation)
As I’ve written in this space previously, GOP would like nothing more than Apartheid 2.0 in America. In fact they’re working toward that unconstitutional goal with a modicum of success. Next year, if above goals are met, we empanel a group of nonpartisan officials to investigate what went wrong with Trump’s transnational-crime syndicate. The parallel effort should also address how we work to rebalance political discourse. Truth is not subjective. Our foreign adversaries—in concert with many republicans—are successfully obscuring facts and truth with a fire hose of lies and smoke. Both of these efforts—hauling the rest of Trump’s mafia goons and family members to court and standing up for truth and justice—must happen concurrently to take back our country.

The important phrase “Justice is coming” will only come true if we work to make it so. Steal and share this banner and use as you see fit. Check your registration often and go recruit new voters. Our Democracy hangs in the balance. 👊

Will Pollocksideways is a perpetually crabby New York City escapee based in Midtown Atlanta. He’s a freelance multimedia journalist, media analyst and author of two books (award-wining Pizza for Good & Leaving Triscuit), with more on the way.

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