As a writer who sips coffee and blogs when current events get me cranky I couldn’t even *begin* to know what military combat feels like.

With that in mind, I’m throwing up this post because apologies matter. Gen. Mark Milley’s graduation address clarified his position on gassing protestors at Lafayette Square but his speech was—can’t stress this enough—NOT an apology.

Lazily tweeting or publishing nonsense stories that afford Milley credit for an apology where none is due? That’s the statement of our current news media and how they relentlessly fail to interpret what they see and hear in front of them. When donald fires Milley for messing up his tantrum it’ll be after media faceplanted, again, on what actually happened here.

Do the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” appear in his video? No, they don’t. But more to the point: Milley was complicit in furthering that petulant insecure Orange Man’s fever dream of being Russian Military Autocrat. Giving Milley credit for a non-apology ascribes benefit of the doubt to the entire criminal regime. 🔴

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