This post could be about miss Lindsey “Lady G” Graham playing lots of golf with donald trump; or it could be about Jerry Falwell’s still-unexplained very spoiled man-friends, plural; and it could easily be about rabidly MAGA congress-critter Matt Gaetz. Take your F-ing pick.

When my tweet about Gaetz went viral yesterday I got to wondering: why doesn’t American news media ask these guys about their concubines? These folk are actively and proudly pushing either anti-LGBT legislation or associating with people who do, all the while doing, ya know, opposite stuff behind closed doors. So what gives?

The answer: nothing.

So long as Big Media retains access to high-falutin’ monied nutbags nothing will change. No questions asked, no investigation no nothing. Any articles written are surface-level nonsense that doesn’t ask the simple question: why are you *allegedly* living a swinging lifestyle that’d make Liberace blush?

“Lady Graham” is a shoe (high-heeled pump) ready to drop

After Sean Harding’s Lindsey Graham tweet went viral I did what any curious journalist would: I ambulance-chased. Questioning Graham’s sexuality has been a not-so-fun parlor game for decades. Miss Lindsey’s hypocrisy might’ve finally caught up to her; allegedly paying sex workers while simultaneously cosplaying as suit-and-tie mint julep South Carolina republican—who’s also become best pals with donald—cannot coexist well. She’s up for reelection so all bets are off, y’all.

I’m working sources on another exclusive “Lady Graham” angle myself (based on a tip) and will post whatever I learn here. I’m told on good authority that Miss Lindsey has a longtime-male companion *in addition to* hiring sex workers. Moving on.

Jerry Falwell is club kid with handsome gentlemen callers

As I wrote in this space last year: hell hath no fury than a photographer scorned. Lesson: don’t go to a Miami disco as a raving bible-chucking nutbag and expect to be taken seriously as victim. Sure, Jerry Falwell and his wife had a pool boy—but trust and believe there’s so much more we don’t know. Jer Jer also had a quite handsome trainer who was afforded posh private-jet trips and access to collateral and real estate deals. I don’t understand how America’s leading evangelical is also a swinger and yet he still has a platform to spew hate.

Matt Gaetz has a helper/page/man-panion/son

Dominionist cults cannot be shamed, which is a post I wrote recently based on a tip; the Scarlet Letter of Hypocrisy doesn’t stick to folks who live in an alternate universe. Enter DUI-fun Matt Gaetz, who recently revealed he has an adopted son of-color. Mattie proceeded to march Nestor out like a hostage to show how socially woke Matt actually is. None of this makes any sense given how Nestor’s *actual* parents and family are alive and well in Cuba. (And don’t get me started about sex trafficking of minors out of that country; or how Gaetz was the SOLE VOTE against an anti-trafficking bill) If we had any semblance of investigative journalism in America Gaetz and Nestor would be retired and running a B&B in Key West.

Aaron Schock also fits in this space; as does “wide stance” Larry Craig. There are MANY closet cases doing real harm to LGBTQ+ community while *themselves* living that lifestyle behind the closet door. Watch this space. 🔴

Writer’s note: as always if you have information on these or any other closet cases doing damage please reach out. Your tips are confidential, always.

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