TV pundit, writer & producer Cheri Jacobus is one of my very favorite Twitter people. She suffers no fools and is never afraid to spill tea.

This 2-minute clip from John Melendez’s podcast has Cheri dropping all sorts of truth cluster-bombs on CNN’s Jeff Zucker and how he runs the storied news network.

“Trump is like a drug to these networks,” she said. “When you have an entertainment guy running a news network that’s a bad combination when you put his pal Trump up there. That’s what happened to CNN. They have some of the best journalists in the business; I’m a huge fan on their on-air talent.

“It’s cringe-worthy.”

CBS Corp’s now-resigned CEO Les Moonves is in the same category with Zucker—except we don’t have clips of Zucker bragging about how great Trump is for the bottom line, as I outlined in my post at the time.

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Jacobus continues: “Zucker rewards shows that turn into Jerry Springer,” she says. “When you have Kayleigh McEnany sitting next to David Gergen as if they’re colleagues and she’s sitting there wearing that pleather mini-dress, I’m sorry, that’s just ridiculous. Zucker created Kayleigh; she wasn’t pro tRUmp and they needed someone who was. In his own words Zucker said ‘I’m creating characters in a drama’. this is so inappropriate for a news organization, and look where it got us. Look where we are today.”

The Fourth Estate is Dead. 7 Ways Political Media Failed—and How to Fix It [UPDATED]

I don’t know how we reform the politics-as-entertainment conundrum but something has got to be done. My Fourth Estate post has some ideas, in case you’re curious.

Follow Cheri Jacobus on Twitter and see her “America Reads the Mueller Report“. And remember don’t call Kayleigh “Keelie” on Twitter; she hates that. 🔴


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