I’ve been following the Joel Greenberg news since it broke back in March (I was one of the first journalists to obtain the police report and bodycam footage) and today is the day Tenacious Mister Greenberg formerly enters his plea deal with federal prosecutors. Quite likely many Florida Qpublican hemorrhoids are flaring up this morning as a result.

If you’re scared of time in the clink don’t commit like ALL the federal felonies including sex-trafficking a minor and expect to keep your freedom.

MAGA operative Joel Greenberg is already giving up bigger Florida fish [UPDATED]

Prosecutors don’t name-check Greenberg’s conspirators but his plea agreement reads like a giant subtweet of Sunshine State operatives—which almost certainly includes Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz and other high-placed nudniks.

Former federal prosecutors including Honig and Glenn Kirschner agree that you don’t reduce a suspect from 33 to 6 federal charges without expectation of naming bigger fish. “What can we glean from that?” asks twitter pal Kirschner. “The information Greenberg must’ve provided to federal prosecutors about criminal activity of others must be blockbuster. Take it from me: that’s an extremely generous plea offer, but I’m sure it’s warranted.” WATCH:

Has Ron DeSantis lawyered-up yet? Watch this space. ⚖


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