(this post has updates below including the latest on my acquiring bodycam footage and revised headline to reflect connections between Matt Gaetz & Greenberg)

Brad Parscale getting tackled in his Ft. Lauderdale driveway seems like ancient history but Florida will NOT be denied her title as America’s Crazytown.

Disgraced former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg—who’s connected to also-disgraced Roger Stone and Matt Gaetz—found himself in a bit of a self-created pickle last month which can only be described as “bonkers.”

Review the receipts

My VERY MESSED UP FLORIDA THREAD™ on Twitter has all the receipts and you can pop in relevant section right here. Reader’s Digest: Greenberg was out on bail for federal-stalking charges and apparently violated bond-terms by… stalking.

All of it is quite messy and of-note due to how well-connected Greenberg is in MAGA circles. Some of the allegations levied against him include human trafficking, misusing funds and other gross stuff. Attracting attention to himself in this way seems like a dumb move given all that, ya know, other issues he faces.

Bodycam footage coming soon


I’m waiting for Jupiter Police to release bodycam footage of Greenberg’s “incident,” which was the next logical step after my FOIA request first uncovered the police report (shout-out to Jupiter Police and their open-records practice which is some of the most efficient I’ve ever dealt with).

I’ll be adding live updates here so bookmark this page for later. I’ll also be reaching out to relevant parties for comment, including Mr. Greenberg and others. Watch this space. 🔵

UPDATE (21 March 2021): I’m in possession of bodycam footage related to Joel Greenberg but much of the video is heavily redacted. I’m working with Jupiter PD on clarifying those redactions and then I’ll update again. At the very least I’ll be cutting audio of the 911 call, which of course is bonkers. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2 (22 March 2021): In lieu of bodycam footage I posted full 911 call to Soundcloud and you can listen here. Greenberg’s mother-in-law was worried he was on drugs. Waiting on further guidance from Jupiter PD and will post another update when I hear back.

UPDATE 3 (24 March 2021): WESH published a good roundup of the incident in its entirety, which you can access here. Writer’s note: I made editorial decision not put captions over blurry images because I didn’t think it has news value (but I did in a later update). Still waiting to hear back from Jupiter PD if they are willing to “spot redact” the video, which is more conducive to reporting. Still, the segment is very well produced and confirms my suspicion that Greenberg lied to police about parole terms and appears to be in an altered state. Watch below:

UPDATE 4 (2 April 2021): With news breaking that Greenberg pal Matt Gaetz is target of a sex-trafficking investigation (along with campaign-finance stuff) just wanted to point out how tightly woven these two fellas really are. Gaetz & Greenberg (not a law firm) stalked Rep. Anna Eskamani via voicemail and creepy donations to her campaign, even after she called on Greenberg to resign. That story is bonkers. Also open-source reporting confirms the Gaetz probe was a direct offshoot of the Greenberg charges—making them linked in that regard, too. So when I picked up Twitter pal Jenny Cohn’s tweet about Gaetz and “unnamed election official” engaged in “sex orgy with minors” my mind immediately went to Greenberg. Regardless, there will be many other Florida GOP officials caught up in this dragnet.

UPDATE 5 (10 April 2021): I’m a bit long in getting this second chunk of footage cut but here it is… most notable is how clearly Greenberg’s father-in-law did NOT want him visiting. Jupiter police also immediately catch him lying about how he entered the home without permission. Edited for brevity and I added captions. Watch:

UPDATE 6 (15 April 2021): New evidence came out of my FOIA request today which is incriminating as the day is long. In other to further his slander of political opponent and “veteran educator” Brian Beute, Joel Greenberg created a fake Twitter handle to support his broader operation. Letter I obtained is from Mr. Beute to Twitter corporate demanding that the account be shut down. Jump in my Twitter thread if you like, too.

UPDATE 7 (29 April 2021): Greenberg is a garden sprinkler of crimes but proving quite beneficial to investigators https://twitter.com/sollenbergerrc/status/1387927684362219525?s=21

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