By Adele standards the song hook is quite simple.

And I’m fine with that, since “Easy on Me” appears to be “mission focused“—if you’ll forgive the phrase—to set the record straight for her son, Angelo, and to reveal through lyric how she came to dissolve her relationship with Angelo’s father, Simon Konecki.

Buzzfeed’s Ben Henry has a great write-up on what the song means and how Adele wrote it as a time-capsule for her son to be able to understand her decision-making.

As compared to “Hello,” which won every award known to man and inspired one of the greatest SNL skits in history, “Easy on Me” seems determined to set records straight and help Adele start anew. (Sidebar: “Hello” has 2 billion (with a “b”) views on YouTube.)

And for purposes of my record, just a reminder that I correctly predicted “Hello” would win Song of the Year. To be fair, Adele should’ve been up for multiple songs of the year in 2017, with at least “Water Under the Bridge” or “Remedy” deserving that same nod.

Watch “Easy on Me” on the YouTube machine or see the embedded clip. Oh and cancel the Grammys we have another winner. 🎵


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