Multiple GQP operations to ratphuqq Democratic voters are now converging in Georgia.

Case in point: absentee-ballot rejections due to new rules, as noted by Senator Jen Jordan.

Those rejections came for folks who either don’t watch the news or were following old deadlines.

Why does DeJoy still have a %$#@-ing job?

I am not in that bucket of people, however. I faxed my request on time, and I use Ballottrax to keep tabs on ballot status. I knew my request was received on 17 October.

Cut to 10 days later and no ballot. This is BY DESIGN because Louis DeJoy’s operation to sabotage Election 2020 has spilled over to 2021 municipal elections and, if he’s not fired or indicted beforehand, 2022 midterms. Ballots are gathering dust all around the country and, somehow, Lou DeJoy still has a job.

So I called Fulton County Elections to confirm receipt of my request—to make sure there wasn’t a clerical error or something else.

What happened next turned out to be miraculous.

Ms. Thomas: Oracle of Fulton County

I’ve been reporting on Louis DeJoy’s sabotage of USPS for more than 18 months, so I already know why all this sh*t is happening. I also know Georgia-based Qpubs passed laws ratf*cking measures to curb black-and-brown Dem voters. So I already had a bug up my ass—until I got to speak to Ms. Thomas in Fulton County.

After Ms. Thomas confirmed my faxed request was received, I made a snarky comment about DeJoy and she heard the frustration in my voice. “I need you to breathe,” she said, hearing my son Cam playing in the background.

While lying republicans smear Biden’s cabinet Louis DeJoy is still ratf*cking USPS

“I have little ones at home, too,” she added. “We’re gonna climb this mountain together. And you know what? Your early voting spot is within walking distance. The air is free; so is the sun and the wind. Appreciate it all. You need to keep looking up and do what you gotta do.”

I sat in stunned silence, listening to her silky alto voice of a preacher calm me down. She sounded exactly like The Oracle from “The Matrix” who told Neo he’d be “right as rain.”

“Take your little one with you to learn about the process,” she said. “You got this. When a door closes it creates new opportunity.”

* * *

Would I rather cast my ballot in a timely fashion or have this call? Ms. Thomas made my freakin’ year so that’s the “new opportunity” she described in her sermon. I sent this post to Fulton County so they know how great she is.

With election workers under attack across the country based on lies coming out of Victim Industrial Complex, Ms. Thomas’ clarity and poise is even more stunning. Never expected to be taken to church and now I don’t want to leave.

So yes, she was a ray of sunshine, but also f*ck Louis DeJoy. 🔴

(Header credit: The Wake Forest Law Review via Creative Commons)

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