Back in June I posted a follow-up to my post about GOP hypocrisy with this:

Authoritarian cults cannot be shamed

I’ve also repeatedly stated in past CrankyYank editions that GOP is ragtag-criminal mafia chock-full of shitty political operatives (here here & here). That’s because they are. NO PRINCIPLED PERSON would so casually go back on their word, which is supposed to be consistent and unwavering, about once-sacrosanct SCOTUS nominations.

And yet here we are.

Why are they pulling this crap? Well, Sen. Whitehouse is shining important light on one piece of the broader story: Shadow cash polluting our politics’ groundwater. How do we know if some of that money is derived from foreign sources? We can’t know that, which is exactly the point.

Postcards from Putin

Pulling back to 33,000 feet you’ll be able to see Republicans are owned-and-operated subsidiary of the Kremlin. They are crapping dungarees because Joe Biden’s DOJ—led by former prosecutor Kamala Harris, no doubt—will get to work on untangling malfeasance and toss a bunch of them in prison starting in 2021. (They need Amy Coney Barrett as a stop-gap for all that will be challenged in the future, for 40+ years.)

Russiapublicans aren’t turning on all dimes because they’re just fond of donald—they’re acting within a coordinated, well-funded OPERATION. Why did GOP nutbags like Devin Nunes get hysterical during impeachment? Why did they reject Mueller’s 2-year project bringing some (but not all) criminals to justice? How in the world did they change their mind like hysterical prepubescent teenagers?

Operations need funding. And that’s why Senator Whitehouse’s monologue with receipts was so SO important for our democracy. 🔴

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